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Object detection AI application made with streamlit (video upload version)

Object detection AI application made with streamlit (video upload version)

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This application is an application that allows you to easily run object detection AI processing (yolo) on your browser.

The application supports video files, and you can immediately start object detection just by uploading the file.

By moving the object detection threshold left and right with the slide bar on the sidebar, you can easily change the threshold.

There are 80 types that can be detected, and it is also possible to select multiple objects that you want to detect.

You can also change the type of AI model at the top, and you can select it according to your computer specs.

This application is a program source code that allows you to easily run an object detection application on your browser.

It is an object detection application with basic functions, and it is made with the service in mind so that anyone can use it, and the base UI can be easily completed by utilizing streamlit.

This product is the program source code. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for the zip file containing the source code.

Environment construction can also be set up only with "pip install -r requirements.txt ".

It can be used simply by starting the program " streamlit run" , so please use it for AI development.

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