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Age and gender determination web application (Azure Computer Vision)

Age and gender determination web application (Azure Computer Vision)

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This application is a web application that can easily execute "age and gender determination" using "Azure Computer Vision".

The framework uses stremlit.

Just by uploading a picture of your face to this application, you can instantly determine your age and gender.

This product is the program source code. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for the zip file containing the source code.

Environment construction can also be set up only with "pip install -r requirements.txt ".

It is easy to use just by starting the program, so please use it for AI development.

A Microsoft Azure account is required for use. Additionally, to support Microsoft's principles of responsible AI, use of the Face service is restricted based on eligibility and usage criteria. The Face service is available only to Microsoft-managed customers and partners. Please use after applying for use using the face recognition reception form .

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