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Mask check model YOLOv8n

Mask check model YOLOv8n

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This model allows you to check whether a mask is being worn or not.

Can be used with YOLOv8n.

The model will be a trained model based on YOLOv8n. Therefore, even a computer without a GPU can operate in almost real time.

It comes with a sample source code that can be used immediately. If you are unfamiliar with python operation , please move while checking the video on the product page.

After downloading, you can use this model freely.

This product is a ready-to-run program source code and a trained model. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link for the zip file containing the source code and AI model.

Environment construction can also be set up only with " pip install ultralytics ".

It is easy to use just by starting the program, so please use it for AI development.

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